Commercial Properties

Preventing Major Downtime

RESCON understands that damage to your place of business means lost revenue, customer base and competitive positioning in the marketplace. Major business downtime can be crippling and doom a business to failure if allowed to continue for a long period of time. We have established an excellent reputation helping businesses recover from fire, floods, severe weather, crime and vandalism.

We employ specialists specifically trained to handle large scope restoration and reconstruction and will work with your insurance carrier, architects, and building engineers to expedite the recovery process and minimize the impact on your bottom line. RESCON also provides Contingency Planning, which allows our professionals to develop a proactive plan to minimize damage and expedite the recovery process when a catastrophic event occurs.

Commercial Property Experience

Commercial Property Owners & Managers Can Rely on RESCON:

We’re Here for You

our promise in action

“We currently manage over 9 million square feet of commercial office space in and around the Boston area. As you are aware, in the last 12 months alone we have experienced two separate incidents where municipal water mains have ruptured causing significant (over 6 feet deep) water infiltration into several of our office buildings back on line. Our tenants have commented to me how impressed they have been that they have been able to return to normal operations by the next business day.

I truly value the services your firm provides Lincoln Property Company; from the emergency response for flood damage, to mold prevention, as well as the training and education seminars you have put together for our managers.”

Scott A. Brown, Senior Vice President, Lincoln Property Company

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