Priority Service Agreement

Proactively Prepare for the Unexpected

RESCON is committed to helping all clients. Planning to respond, mitigate and recover from the effects of future emergencies and disasters is the difference between a reactive and a proactive organization. It may also be the difference between a successful recovery and a loss that is unnecessarily costly or devastating to your business. 

In the event of a major storm (and we have seen many over the years), RESCON is most committed to aiding those clients who are committed to RESCON via a Priority Service Agreement (PSA). In severe storm and other disaster situations, circumstances may require us to prioritize loss projects. When this occurs, your status as a Priority Service client makes you a top priority for our response teams. In addition to priority service, our PSA customers receive a number of value added services free of charge and others at a reduced cost.

Interested in becoming a Priority Service client and signing up for RESCON Priority Response? Call 833.4RESCON or email

our promise in action

“Communication is critical when disaster strikes and this is what this team excels at.  They did a great job at every waypoint communicating with those that were impacted and with our management team. Thanks to [RESCON] for being a great partner and supporting our efforts to care for our residents as well as the assets that we manage for our clients!”

Genn B., Senior VP

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