RESCON Donates $1K to Ellicott City Flood Recovery

The RESCON Group, with their subsidiary, South River Restoration, donated $1000 to the Ellicott City Partnership. Funds from ECP go directly to flood recovery efforts in Ellicott City, MD.

The employees of South River Restoration participated in a company-wide “$5 Friday” to raise the funds. Employees could pay $5 for the opportunity of wearing jeans to work. After the first month, the team raised $500, which RESCON graciously matched.

“Not only was everyone extremely excited to wear jeans to work, we also got the chance to give back in a brand new way,” said Director of Marketing Michelle Collett. “We know the emotional toll disasters can take, and Ellicott City is surrounded by communities willing to help alleviate some of that stress.”

On May 27, 2018, Ellicott City experienced a massive flood event that decimated much of the city’s historic downtown, along with homes and businesses in the surrounding area. The disaster came just two years after the city experienced similar flooding in July 2016. Life had just been returning to normal when disaster struck once more.

“It was the perfect way for the team to get excited about donating to a great cause,” TJ Jeffery, Director of Operations said. “We are so proud of our employees and their willingness to participate in giving back. We hope the donation helps the residents and business owners in Ellicott City rebuild.”

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