Working in Concert with Berklee College of Music to Ensure Minimal Disruption to Faculty, Staff and Students

From Water Damage to Asbestos Removal, RESCON Delivers

As Assistant Vice President of Facilities at the Berklee College of Music for the past 12 years, Kevin Anderson understands the critical importance of keeping his 30 properties up and running to ensure the seamless execution of classes, meetings and activities for students, faculty and staff year-round. With a staff of six managers and 50 staff positions and responsibility for several outsourced cleaning and maintenance service firms, Kevin has confidently relied on RESCON for the past 8 years. From water damage to asbestos removal, RESCON has addressed all of Kevin’s critical property remediation needs in a timely and professional manner.

While services have varied over the course of the relationship, Kevin recalls two important incidents when RESCON rose to the occasion quickly to efficiently return Berklee facilities to good working order. In one of the college’s main kitchens, a walk-in freezer was emitting a foul odor and the source couldn’t be identified. As a result, the kitchen needed to be shut down until further notice, impacting the college’s food delivery service. Kevin contacted his RESCON representative who responded within the hour. Upon arrival, the RESCON crew identified that significant water build-up below the freezer created potentially hazardous mold. Immediately, the crew expertly removed the dangerous mold, addressed the water damage and repaired the flooring to ensure the freezer was back up and running within a couple days.

The college President’s’ office is located on Boylston Street, right in the heart of Boston. On another incident of note, Kevin and his team were chartered with repairing and replacing the building’s roof. Throughout the course of this project, debris fell down to the sixth floor and into the President’s office. Along with the debris came musty, moldy odors forcing the President and his staff to leave early from the building one Friday afternoon. The source of the odor was not obvious and Saturday morning, Kevin called on RESCON to assess the situation and quickly address the problem to ensure the college’s leadership team was back in the office on Monday morning.

“I was so impressed with the RESCON team that day. They showed up, on a Saturday no less, with a full crew, quickly began removing debris, identified the source of the odor, addressed the mold issue and put the office back together in perfect working condition. On Monday, it looked as though nothing ever happened. RESCON’ customer service, communication and professionalism is unmatched. I sleep better at night knowing I can count on them always.”

RESCON Lends a Hand –Beyond Restoration & Remediation

Not only does RESCON provide comprehensive restoration services, the company hosts a variety of training sessions each year on topics ranging from updated OSHA requirements to preparing for winters harsh weather. Kevin appreciates that RESCON provides ongoing professional development opportunities not only for himself but for his staff, above and beyond their suite of services.

Kevin notes that typically if he calls upon RESCON, its because he is facing a time sensitive and potentially hazardous situation. As a result, there is little to no downtime and expediting remediation is critical. RESCON has consistently delivered on every project for the Berklee College of Music over the past 8 years. Because of this timely, friendly and efficient customer service, Kevin continues to appreciate his trusted partnership with RESCON.

“There are other remediation service providers in the industry we could use but we are loyal to RESCON because they are not only experts in the field, they also understand the power of building a personal relationship with their customers. Not to mention all the good work they are doing on the charitable giving side. It makes me feel good to know we are working with a company that cares as much about their customers as they do about giving back to the community.”

Does your educational institution need a reputable partner in restoration? Please contact RESCON today and we’ll discuss the ins-and-outs of your immediate needs, what to prepare for, and how we can help you develop a priority response plan.

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