RESCON Adapts to Unique Environment to Ensure Safety & Security Across Assisted Living Facilities

RESCON Accommodates Unique Resident Population to Keep Community Safe and Happy

For the last decade, Charles Fox has lead facilities management at Epoch Senior Living, overseeing a building portfolio of twelve and staff of fifteen, while managing new development efforts across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York. His key responsibility is to keep both the memory care and higher end independent living facilities in good working order to safeguard residents from danger and respond quickly when issues arise. To support this effort, six years ago Charles hired RESCON and couldn’t be more impressed with the high level of personal engagement and unmatched customer service.

“The RESCON team regularly reaches out at both the facility and corporate levels to ensure all communications, information and contacts are current so in the event of an incident our residents are safe and secure in their homes. It’s the personal connection that is a huge differentiator to me and one of the reasons they are a companywide preferred vendor.”

Epoch Senior Living’s portfolio of facilities includes both memory care assisted living and independent assisted living communities. As such, unique considerations must be made when a home is compromised among this broad population of residents. The team at RESCON was quickly brought up to speed on Charles’ concerns, specifically with regard to residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, and the sensitivities to this population when an incident arises and displacement may occur. Armed with this information, when called upon, the team at RESCON knows the appropriate “work protocols” to ensure that order is restored quickly and residents are not at risk. Mindful to keep resident areas secure, meticulously monitoring potentially dangerous equipment and sectioning off compromised areas to protect the rest of the home are just a few of the ways RESCON accommodates his specific concerns.

“RESCON has been incredibly understanding when working on a job within our memory care facilities to ensure our residents – many of whom would be adversely affected by any change to their daily routine – are handled with care. On the other side of the business they are keenly aware of our residents’ expectation of speedy client service. RESCON is well versed in delivering service quickly without compromising quality, to meet our residents’ high expectations.”

From water damage to small fires, Charles notes that RESCON consistently brings stability to an otherwise unstable environment. With a well trained staff, RESCON is on the scene within hours of an incident report, thoughtful in their approach to remediation or restoration and sensitive to residents’ specific needs.

Tackling Insurance Claims to Alleviate Administrative Burden

Charles is grateful that RESCON is also highly qualified in facilitating insurance claims, an effort which requires hours of tedious administrative paperwork. RESCON proactively identifies areas of concern and inquires based on years of working with insurance companies to expedite the restoration process and ensure the building is up and running quickly. By alleviating this headache, Charles and his team are freed to focus on more time sensitive initiatives to grow the business and the facilities portfolio.

Professional Development Opportunities Abound

Training has also been a highlight of working with RESCON as Charles notes his staff is eager to engage in professional development opportunities. RESCON plays a huge role in keeping he and his colleagues up to date on the latest safety concerns including the most recent Active Shooter Training seminar. Charles appreciates RESCON’ proactive approach in offering regular training opportunities on cutting edge topics to ensure his team is more adequately prepared for whatever crisis may arise.

“A company that stands out is one that gives back – to the community, to the industry, to their customers. RESCON is that company. They are excellent at what they do, they take the time to build a personal relationship with their customers and giving back is innate to their culture. This puts RESCON head and shoulders above the rest.”

Does your healthcare facility need a reputable partner in restoration? Please contact RESCON today and we’ll discuss the ins-and-outs of your immediate needs, what to prepare for, and how we can help you develop a priority response plan.

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