Commitment to Community Yields Long-term Partnership for RESCON and The Dolben Company

With RESCON on the Job, It’s Smooth Sailing

With nearly two decades of experience in property management, Tom Beaton understands the value of a reliable service provider to ensure his units are operating at full capacity. This is why nearly eight years ago Tom hired RESCON as the premier restoration and reconstruction partner for The Dolben Company. Responsible for more than 18k units across New England and the mid-Atlantic regions, Tom manages a staff of nearly 300 and oversees the day to day operations of the entire management portfolio.

After working with a competitor for some years, Tom turned to RESCON because they offered the most cost effective and comprehensive suite of services to meet his needs. In addition, he immediately developed a strong relationship with his sales contact, adding a personal touch to a typical vendor engagement.

While incidents at The Dolben Company have been minimal over the years, Tom notes that no matter what the situation, the RESCON team is always timely, polite, professional and efficient. With one quick phone call the RESCON team is onsite, quickly assesses the situation and takes action so that Tom and his staff are freed to focus on other pressing activities throughout the property.

From fires to mold remediation to water damage, the RESCON teams understands how important it is to resolve the issue quickly, protect the asset, serve the residents and support the staff. This is critical when a property is compromised.

“Throughout the country, we work with many service providers and vendors to manage our properties. As Senior Vice President of Management, I field complaints from time to time about a service provided, but not when it comes to RESCON. It’s a huge relief to know that with RESCON on the job, the property will be up and running in no time, with minimal inconvenience to our residents and staff.”

The Power of Giving Back

Tom also finds that as a company, RESCON has differentiated itself by making a true commitment to the overall industry by actively engaging with associations including the Rental Housing Association.

“How a company gives back to our industry is extremely important to us and a major factor in how we choose our partners. RESCON continues to invest time, money and resources to both local and national associations that can help move our industry forward and support and educate our staff. This is a major differentiator for RESCON and we are proud to work with a company that makes this kind of commitment.”

Training On and Off the Job

RESCON also continues to offer its own comprehensive training programs to support customers and help prepare for whatever potential damaging situation may arise including crisis management, changing OSHA requirements and weather-related incidents. In doing so, Tom and his staff are more confident in their abilities and appreciate the time RESCON takes to support their customers, above and beyond the typical call of duty.

“There are other remediation service providers in the industry we could use but we are loyal to RESCON because they are not only experts in the field, they also understand the power of building a personal relationship with their customers.”

Does your property need a reputable partner in restoration? Please contact RESCON today and we’ll discuss the ins-and-outs of your immediate needs, what to prepare for, and how we can help you develop a priority response plan.

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