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We called the RESCON Blog The Factotum because when it comes to restoration and reconstruction, we have the facts.  As a leading restoration and reconstruction company, we bring our ideas, diverse expertise, and solutions to the table no matter if the emergency is big or small.

Visit The Factotum blog often for resourceful information, tips, ideas, and advice for how to keep your property safe and face the unexpected with peace of mind.

The RESCON Difference

What truly sets RESCON apart from other restoration companies? We put a lot of effort into making sure we exceed expectations so you can always rely on us.

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Stovetop Fires Prevention

The Facts Unattended cooking is a leading cause of fires in the kitchen. Stovetops account for more than 60% of home cooking fires. Frying is the leading activity associated with…

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Getting Ready for Spring

Property Management Spring Checklist April showers may bring May flowers, but can also bring a lot of headaches for those that manage properties (and this list is also helpful for…

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