Stovetop Fires Prevention

The Facts

  • Unattended cooking is a leading cause of fires in the kitchen.
  • Stovetops account for more than 60% of home cooking fires.
  • Frying is the leading activity associated with cooking fires.
  • More than half of people injured in home cooking fires were hurt while attempting to fight the fire themselves.

Know the Tips:

  • Turn off the stove! Never leave anything cooking on the stovetop unattended! This includes frying, grilling, broiling, baking or boiling food. If you must leave the kitchen, turn off the stove and remove the pan (especially from the stovetop).
  • Never pick up a flaming pan. You may get burned as well as spread the fire more quickly to other areas by dropping the pan.
  • Do not use water to fight a grease fire. This may result in an explosion.
  • Smother the flames. Slide a tight lid or cookie sheet over the pan to smother the flames (only if safe to do so).
  • Use the back burners. If you have children, use the back burners when possible to keep their little fingers out of trouble.
  • Keep the stovetop clear. Keep dishtowels, potholders, paper towels, etc., away.
  • Wipe up spills. Cooking on a dirty stove, may invite trouble. Clean regularly.
  • Call 911. Always take the safe route. Leave the building and call 911 immediately.

Cooking is an essential part of our daily lives. Being conscious of potential hazards can help keep your family, as well as your neighbors, safe.

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