5 Ways to Make Working from Home, Work

Designate a workspace

Pick a spot around your house or apartment to put your laptop and work materials. By having one location for your things it helps your brain adjust to the new work environment and associate that location with focus and getting work done. Make the spot comfortable, get a nice chair, good lighting, pictures or plants to look at, by adding in these extra touches it creates a healthy work environment. As important as it is to pick a work spot, also think about places you don’t want to bring your work. Since your work is now at home, it is important to find a way to separate the two and ensure a work/life balance. Create a new morning routine: Since working from home, there is no longer a morning commute. It is important to avoid waking up and checking your email instantly. Continue to incorporate a morning routine of getting up, getting dressed, making your coffee, having your breakfast and “commuting” to your work from home space. This allows you to set yourself up for productivity by giving yourself time to embrace the day before diving right into your work.

Switch up your schedule

Don’t be afraid to change up your work from home schedule. If you are a morning person and prefer to start your work at 7:00 am, give yourself a mid-morning break to check social media, your personnel email, exercise, go outside or do a chore around the house. If you are an evening person, play around with working later into the evening and dedicating some time in the afternoon for yourself. As long as you are continuing to engage with your co-workers and meet requirements, switching around your schedule can help keep the days fresh.

Take breaks

The hardest part about working from home is knowing when to stop working. Set a time for yourself to close your computer and end your day. It can be easy to work longer days because the resources are there. However, by not establishing a separation between home and work, it may cause excessive stress and restlessness.

Allow for an adjustment period

For many, working from home is a new concept. It can take some time to get comfortable with the process and adapt to a new routine. Give yourself and co-workers a break. It can be challenging to work from a one-bedroom apartment is solidarity to a home full of kids. Everyone is doing the best they can and since it is unknown how long we will be required to work like this, it’s important to be understanding and accepting.

Communicating with your team

Be sure to stay in contact via Zoom, the phone, or another virtual meeting tool to keep the team intact and your progress moving forward. By doing so, this also provides interaction for those that may live alone. While the world is experiencing unchartered territory, it’s more important than ever that we stay connected and take care of each other. Now, is it time for that virtual meeting?

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