Keeping Your Kids Occupied & Entertained While “Stuck” at Home

As news of the Coronavirus pandemic continues to be released, most have found themselves and their kids quarantined at home for the next several weeks (or months) to help stop the spread of the virus. Parents are homeschooling their children; others are working from home and some are doing both.

Good news is you are not alone. There are millions of people going through the same thing. So, what should we do with our time…that doesn’t always involve spending the entire day in front of a screen? Enjoy these 10 ideas to keep busy.

10 Ideas to Keep Kids Busy


1. Create a scavenger hunt

A great activity for indoors (or in your own yard, if permitted). Whether you want to create your scavenger hunt from scratch or do a quick search online, it’s a fun and active way to keep your kids occupied.

2. Arts and crafts with recycling

Why not use your household recycling to piece together works of art. Slot in time during your kids homeschooling schedule to try this fun and innovative craft.

3. Bake with ingredients you have in your pantry

No need to look on the shelves of a grocery store, search your pantry to see what ingredients you can put together.

  • Mouse – chocolate, whipped cream, eggs and vanilla extract
  • Baked custard – milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, pinch of nutmeg
  • Peanut butter balls – peanut butter, butter, powdered sugar, butter, chocolate to coat

4. Clean out your playroom

Ask your kids to take a look at all their toys and sort through the ones they no longer play with to create room for the ones you might have ordered from Amazon already. Donate the toys that are no longer wanted.

5. Go for a nature walk

Get outside for some fresh air. Take a walk around your block, or to your local hiking trails – if permitted by the orders of your state.

6. Yard clean-up

Make a game out of cleaning up loose sticks in the yard, dead leaves and debris from over the winter to prep your yard for Spring buds.

7. Put on a play

Have your kids put together a talent show or play. Create a make-shift stage, put together costumes and make a day of it.

8. At home workouts

Get the whole family moving with an at home workout. The internet is swarming with fun kid-friendly workouts and activities to keep your body moving.

9. Connect with relatives over video chat

Keep one another company over FaceTime or Skype. Share your quarantine experiences and tactics to stay busy.

10. Learn how to play a game you don’t know

Break out the chess board you’ve been meaning to learn how to play, learn a new card game, the possibilities are endless.

There are hundreds of other fun and creative ways to stay busy during quarantine. Think of this as an opportunity to have fun with the family and get better connected – while not staring at a smart phone, tablet or other device.

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