Our Social Responsibility

Do What’s Right

The RESCON team always strives to do the right thing and give back to the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to developing and maintaining a positive, safe, respectful, ethical and successful work environment for all of our employees and vendors. The nature of our business takes us into the homes and workplaces of many; we understand and value the trust our customers place in us. This trust is the foundation of our business. Therefore, we make every effort to excel and set very high standards of performance and behavior for every member of our organization as well as any subcontractors we may utilize. 

Safety comes first

It is essential to provide a safe working environment for all of our employees.  Through continued education, safety tips, tool time talks and more, we coach our employees on a regular basis on the importance of safety in the workplace – including in the office and on location.  We never compromise the safety of our employees, or those who have been affected by a loss.

Proudly Giving Back

Just as we are always ready to serve our customers, we are equally ready to support charitable organizations and the communities in which we conduct business. We provide financial support, supplies, and volunteer labor to assist non-profit and charitable organizations. Our charitable giving focuses on the development, building, and maintenance of strong communities where our business and individuals can thrive. Meanwhile, we can emphasize the focus, interests, and passions unique to those within our business communities. Interested in learning more about RESCON’s charitable giving programs? Check out our blog for charitable giving.

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Giving Back What Disaster Took
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