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As our client, we want to be there not only when you are facing a disaster, but as a true resource. We provide a variety of educational and training opportunities to help support your teams’ growth.

This course is great for those that need to focus on how to best prioritize their never-ending “to do list.” Based on the best selling book Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, we review 7 tips to help you become more focused and efficient. CMCA credits for this course is pending.  

We will walk you through key functions within this social media platform, as well as best practices as it comes to your personal profile.  Lots of tips and techniques to help enhance your profile. 

A three-hour training covering: when an asbestos survey is required; NESHAP/DEP/OSHA regulations regarding asbestos; what responsibilities property and facilities managers have prior to demolition and renovation, demolition and disposal regulations; and how to identify prevent, and stay safe when in the presence of mold.

Time is of the essence when it comes to responding to a disaster such as a flood or fire. It does not take a lot of time for damage to occur. We will review simple measures which can be taken while our team is mobilizing to respond. These steps can greatly minimize further damage and eliminate potential safety hazards.

A comprehensive guide on the importance of having a proactive plan in place for when disaster strikes.  Included are tips on minimizing damage prior to the restoration experts arrival as well as limiting business interruptions.

You choose the topics and we provide the experts for a full day of training. Potential topics include plumbing, HVAC, electric, bedbugs, live fire/water/mold and Gerber toilets.

Examine the different types of water damage and the critical nature of an urgent response when flooding occurs. A hands-on water mitigation demonstration is included.

Taught by a licensed psychologist, this class helps to define hoarding and provide insights on how best to work with tenants in a hoarding situation.

While defining mold in the indoor environment, we will also examine prevention methods, different species’ of mold, potential hazards, and mold myths vs. mold reality.

Industry experts from restoration, insurance and legal come together to discuss: condo acts; insurance restoration process; what’s typically covered; and tips on how to speed up the insurance claims process.  

An in-depth look at the cause and how minor oversights in construction can lead to ice dams. We also discuss safe removal as well as simple measures which can prevent ice dams from forming altogether.

This one day course will consist of the 8-Hour Certification training based on the EPA Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair, and Painting. This will meet the standards and requirements of the EPA regulations that went into effect October of 2011 and in July of 2010 and supersedes the EPA regulation. Anyone who could be responsible for removing or modifying painted surfaces that disturb more than 6 sf. (interior) or 20 sf. (exterior) throughout an entire property will need to have this certification.

Two-day course led by an OSHA authorized instructor who provides an overview of safety in the workplace. Based on OSHA’s General Industry Standard, attendees will gain insight and overall awareness regarding safety in ways which can be immediately implemented in their day-to-day tasks. Some of the topics covered include: intro to OSHA, walking and working surfaces, emergency exit routes and evacuation plans, personal protective equipment, and electrical safety.


If you don’t see a topic that you are interested in, contact us and we can work together to build courses that best fit your needs.

our promise in action

“This class was an all around positive experience, which provided extremely valuable insight into the step-by-step procedures that are necessary for the effective management of major loss incidents.

Juliette A, Sentry Management

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